Consecrated in Blood

A Dance with Orcs

Week 3

The Adventurers began this session in the aftermath of a bar brawl in the Sleeping Giant. Having captured two Redbrands alive in the fighting, the party set about interrogating their prisoners – except, it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Starting with the sober Redbrand, the adventurers tried the direct approach. Yet, the bandit didn’t fear the party, and Kinro’s attempt to rough him up resulted in his accidental murder.

Changing tack, Leena pretended to be a new recruit, and gained enough intel to infiltrate the Redbrands’ base of operations under Tresendar Manor.

Having rested, the party set out eastward to deal with the Orcs of Wyvern Tor (see Harbin Wester).

The party wiped out the raiding party hiding in the foothills and then set out down an underground river, eventually finding a ruined temple perched upon an island. Finding an elemental summoning ritual underway, the party slaughtered the Satyr and Kobold cultists, before Cerran consecrated the Temple in blood, naming it a place of worship in honour of Lathander.

Their path back blocked by rapids and a waterfall, the party set onward to find a way out of the Underdark.



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