Consecrated in Blood

A New Friend, an Old Coward and a Green Beast

Week 9

This week’s adventure started with a new arrival making his way into Phandalin. Sent by the Emerald Enclave, Groudh (a Half-Orc Druid) arrived in Phandalin early in the afternoon, passing an old herbalist as he entered town.

One of his first sights upon entering Phandalin was the spectacle of an obese but well-dressed man berating a female Dragonborn. Groudh introduced himself to the Dragonborn, Leena Vaine. He explained that he needed to find Reidoth, a local druid who has gone missing.

Knowing that the owner of a local Orchard, Daran Edermath had been asking for help finding the old Druid, but not knowing where Daran lived, Leena instead suggested that Groudh follow her to speak to some locals who may know where Daran’s farm is.

Leena gathered Kinro outside the smithy and brought Groudh to the ruins of Tresendar Manor, where Sister Garaele is beginning the work of clearing the rubble. Here they encountered Cerran, up on the roof, clearing tiles. Degan, Talia Thornton’s employee, was waiting to speak to the Sister.

After some conversation, the party managed to avoid Sister Garaele being effected by a detect thoughts spell, and found out where the farmer lived. They travelled there, met with the farmer and learned that they had to travel northwards, to the ruined village of Thundertree.

The journey to Thundertree took almost 3 days cross-country, and mid-way the party heard strange shrill cries emanating from the Neverwinter Wood. Investigating the sound, the party ambushed a Manticore mid-way through eating a Griffon it had just slain. After killing the Manticore, the party found a single egg lying under the carcass of the Griffon.
After a long-rest for the night, the party carried on to Thundertree, where they found Reidoth the druid hiding in a hut on the southern edge of town. Reidoth told them he had had to hide when a Green Dragon arrived in the area. The Dragon had also drawn a group of cultists to the village, and a black mage had arrived the night before to parley with the Dragon.

The party decided to drive the Dragon out of Thundertree if possible, but Reidoth was too cowed by the beast to assist them, seeing it as suicide.



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