Consecrated in Blood

Ambushes and Decisions

Week 8

Having cleared the hideout, the party were met by Talia’s bodyguard, Degan, who asked them to come to the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange to receive their payment and discuss some matter with Talia.

While negotiating the price of their labours, the party heard noises from the floor above. Investigating the source, they interrupted a burglary, killing two strange undead creatures and a bugbear as they tried to steal the ledgers of the Exchange. The party were able to ascertain that the two undead creatures were the creation of some kind of advanced necromancy, leading them to suspect the Black Spider.

The party were approached by Kesef Shoz, a Thay Sorceror allied with Talia, asking them to investigate the whereabouts of Hamun Kost, a missing Thay Sorceror. He explained that Hamun was a necromancer, but he wanted them to just find his location, work out what he was doing and report back.

After lunch, the party met with Sildar, who asked them to decide which of the interested parties would receive control of Tresendar Manor: the Miner’s Exchange, the Mayor or the Cleric of Lathander. Considering these options, the party instead chose to offer the manor to Sister Garaele, a priestess of Tymora.



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