Consecrated in Blood

Dealing with Drow

Week 5

After their battle with the Spider Queen, the adventurers returned to the fork in the tunnel and followed the other passage.

After some tense ‘negotiation’ the party agreed to be escorted into the den of a Drow Wizard, who was keeping slaves under guard of a small horde of Skeleton guards.

The party made a deal with the Drow Wizard, Faineth proving her youth by showing their hand too early in the negotiation, resulting in the party having to pay the blood price of the two gnomes they’d came to retrieve.

Taking the children, the party returned to the gnome party back up the tunnel, taking a Wand of Magic Missiles as their reward and returning to the surface where the two parties bid farewell to each other. The Underdark party informed the adventurers of some kind of unrest in the Underdark, explaining that they were taking the overland route across the great lake to avoid the heart of the madness.

The party returned to town, spotting black smoke rising in the distance.



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