Consecrated in Blood

Into the Hideout

Week 6 & 7

Acting on the intelligence gained 8 days ago, the adventurers investigate the ominous edifice of Tresendar Manor on the eastern edge of Phandalin.

Finding the manor in ruins, the Adventurers descend into the cellar, finding a cistern and a guard post. Slaying the three redbrands with ease, the heroes steal their cloaks and enter the rest of the hideout in disguise.

Navigating past the skeleton guards in the crypt, the heroes find three prisoners guarded by 2 redbrands. Successfully deceiving the bandits, they gain directions to the store room.

Unable to locate the hidden doorway to the rest of the hideout, the adventurers return to the cistern, searching the roomvfor hidden doors.

Finding the secret entrance, the adventurers step in a wide cavern, with a draft blowing in from a crevice running southward into the forests. There they aggravate a hideous one eyed psionic creature and find his treasure hoard, uncovering Talon, a magical longsword.

Moving northwards through the hideout, the group avoided a door that they could hear shouts and music behind, going into a quiet study and alchemy room inhabited only by a curious rat.

The adventurers took the time to search the room, ascertaining that whoever this alchemist was, they had been trying to brew potions of invisibility but failed thus far. Kinro took to the alchemy set with the trusted hands of a journeyman and managed to produce a flawed invisibility potion with reduced duration.

Leena and Faineth entered the next room, finding it empty, with a secret door in the opposite wall standing open. Giving chase, they managed to just catch a glimpse of the Bandit leader as he disappeared down the passageway.

Their chase interrupted by bugbears and a goblin, the two were wounded and forced to drop back towards their allies, giving the leader an opportunity to escape. The adventurers slew the bugbears while the goblin disappeared into the room they had avoided earlier.

After several rounds, a set of Redbrand Bandits, intoxicated and inebriated, appeared from the rum, shuffling over to where the adventurers stood, still disguised as Redbrands but blooded and torn.

Leena deceived the drunken bandits, convincing them she was a bandit or a god or… something…

The Redbrands, not totally convinced, set off to find the pair who were on guard with the prisoners. Sensing the danger, the party took the opportunity to slaughter the divided bandits, while Faineth drank the potion of invisibility and attempted to flee.

After a protracted (and rather confusing) fight, the adventurers had cleared the bandit nest, but their leader, who was revealed in a letter to be Iarno Albrek, the missing Lord’s Alliance agent, managed to make his escape.



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