Kinro Drakesbon

Human Fighter


Kinro is the son of a great Adventurer, Sir Yelacin Drakesbon of Varisia, who retired to the rural countryside. Growing up in this small town, Kinro never really got much interaction with the outside world, and most of his friends were farmers or children of merchants. Over time, he talked to the town blacksmith into making a sword based off one of his dad’s foreign books, and then begged his father to train him how to use it. As the years went on, he trained extensively with his weapon, feeling the weight of every stroke of his sword, and learning the most effective ways to cut out wasted energy from this techniques, though he always felt there was something missing to his fighting style. He once again dug through his father’s old treasures, and found a few looted Martial Manuals, that he studied extensively.

After wasting away his prime teenage years studying maneuvers, and training with the sword, he started using a quick maneuver or two against his father during their sparring sessions, and found it immensely entertaining to pull off such tricks. Though eventually he got bored of his town, finding that training can only bring him so far, and wanting to have an adventure of his own. He found a traveling merchant, and asked her for supplies to leave town, and after a series of talks, the set out together from the town, starting his new life as an adventurer

Kinro Drakesbon

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