Leena Vaine

Dragonborn Sorceress


Leena was born within the boundaries of a small village. As one of few dragonborn families within the village, her family was not particularly well known, and in such, Leena lived a relatively quiet and peaceful childhood. While her parents often took business to other dragonborn families, she prefered to go out and seek lucrative and interesting deals with just about anyone.

Once she had reached the age of 15, her magical aptitude became apparent. While few of her direct relatives had any arcane ties, her more distant ancestors had previously been sorcerers with bloodlines that tied back to arcane creatures. Upon learning of her magic abilities, she used them more for personal gain, rather for any good purpose.

She honed her spell casting abilities more through her own practice and volition over the methods of schooling and education that many wizards had boasted in her time. Her parents ran a small shop within the village, selling various general goods as a way of making a living. In this, Leena worked under them, and found use of her magic and natural charm to persuade people into purchasing wares they may have normally never needed. Of course, upon her parents learning of this, they were quick to scold her and express disdain toward such actions, though Leena cared little.

After a few years of saving, she eventually set out on her own as a travelling merchant, selling various items she found along her travels. Much of her safety was ensured in finding transportation within small caravans and persuasion. After finding a young man who had purchased a few surplus adventuring wares, she now travels with his aid as a bodyguard and partial translator.

Leena Vaine

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