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The Setting

Stretching from Waterdeep in the South to Luskan in the North, the Neverwinter stretch of the Sword Coast is a tumultuous land divided between city states vying for power, position and wealth.


The Lords’ Alliance unites the elites of each of the cities in this region and attempts to guide these independent rulers along a path that avoids war and ensures trade is protected by peace.

Our adventure begins in a backwater town amid an expanse of rolling hills just south of the city of NeverwinterPhandalin.

A legend to most, but history to Dwarves and Gnomes, Phandelver’s Pact shared the riches of Wave Echo Cave between their peoples in the region half a millenium ago. The human town of Phandalin first sprouted from the hills to trade with the miners from Wave Echo Cave, but was razed during an orcish invasion.

The Rockseeker Brothers have secretly discovered the entrance to the lost mine, and mean to re-open it with the assistance of The Lords’ Alliance. Gundren Rockseeker, a Dwarven prospector and metallurgist, set out from Neverwinter a week ago, but as our adventurers discovered: he never arrived in Phandalin.

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