Consecrated in Blood

Of Spiders and Lost Children

Week 4

The adventurers picked up where they left last week – deep below the Sword Mountains, following a narrow passageway through the rock. The party found themselves marching in single file along a narrow passageway. In the dark and claustrophobic space, the party were unable to make quick progress, and had to rest for the night in the tunnel.

During the night, the characters heard a variety of different noises – ranging from laughter to sobbing and screaming. Kinro’s mind was unable to withstand the pervading madness of the Underdark, and he succumbed to a bout of hysterical laughter for several minutes, feeling his grasp on reality beginning to slip.

The party carried on in the morning, until they came to a fork in the passage – one heading upwards into a draft and the other downwards into the earth. The party chose the rising passage.

Oblivious to his surroundings, Kinro accidentally surprised an Ankheg, which immediately burrowed and fled from the adventurers.

Following the Ankheg, the adventurers found a party of four strangers. A Dwarf, two Gnomes and a Svirfneblin. The strangers offered to pay the adventurers with magical trinkets if they agreed to assist them in recovering two lost children they had been travelling with.

Agreeing to help, the party backtracked to the fork and took the other turn, accompanied by the dwarf, a Paladin named Logar Brightfire.

Finding another fork in the tunnel, the party again chose the passage to their left and found themselves in a Spider den. Battling through waves of the arachnids, the adventurers eventually found the den of a bloated Spider Queen and slew the Queen.



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