Cerran Greysky (Deceased)

Died on 14 Kythorn 1491 DR


Born of the second marriage of Baron Valentino Greysky to the children’s fencing tutor Esyae Dree, Cerran always felt like an outsider within his family. He never quite managed to see the point of all the formalities and etiquette he was required to learn.

It was when he was fourteen he first saw her an elven girl not much older than him, she carried a shield bearing the holy symbol of the god Lathander. There had been recent rumours of a necromancer practising in the forests that surrounded the barony. She along with a small group of other acolytes had been sent to investigate and remove the threat if they found it. Unbeknownst to the group Cerran tagged along as they went on their hunt.

During that time Cerran observed and was in fact saved by the power that had been bestowed up on this acolyte of Lathander – it was then that he decided to dedicate his own life to the god of renewal.

Cerran Greysky (Deceased)

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