Koz of Uluvin

Half-Orc Paladin of the Order of the Gauntlet


Koz was taken from the Orc tribe he had been born into when he was only six-years-old by Ryne Runewing a human female knight and member of the Order of the Gauntlet during a retaliation raid. Ryne would spend the better part of a year teaching the young half-orc the common tongue and how to behave around civilized people.

Ryne decided to take on Koz as her page in anticipation of eventually inducting him into the order when he reached adulthood. He would spend the next three years running messages, serving, cleaning clothes and weapons as well as being taught the basics of combat by Ryne. The more religious members of the order continued his non-physical education in reading, writing, the playing of musical instruments as well as slowly working on teaching the boy the language of Giants as the order dealt with the occasional raids on smaller settlements.

Koz was elevated to the rank of squire at the age of ten. This finally meant that for the first time since he was six that he was allowed to accompany his mentor out into the field. His duties now included carrying Ryne’s shield, spare arms and armour, assisting her with donning her armour and carrying her flag on the field of battle. When not out on patrol with Ryne he spent his time drilling with weapons in the parade square, while Ryne had always preferred the elegance of a longsword Koz had tended to favour the heavy weight behind the large mauls.

When he was thirteen Koz was assigned to guard a hill giant prisoner. The giant had been been stealing livestock. However, as he waited the giant broke its bonds easily knocking aside the half-orc. The older members of the order responsible for originally apprehending the giant rushed to it and were able to re-captured it ensuring its bonds were more tightly bound. Koz blamed himself as he had been the one to fasten the bonds originally.
Three more years would pass before Koz was finally dubbed a full-fledge Knight of the order being given the name Koz of Uluvin. He would spend the next three years on patrols with assignments sending him and his companions all around the North. It was while he was resting between assignments in Waterdeep when he first met her – Snakhur a half-orc barmaid. The two got to know each other over the next few weeks, and four months later they had married.

They would move to a small home in Uluvin. As the two of them would go on to have three children over the next fifteen years, two boys – Baga (14) and Okogull (9) and one girl Muzga (6). Koz continued with his duties as a Knight while Snakhur would spend her time raising the children until the age of seven when the boys would both become pages in the order.

Baga was serving as the squire of one of Koz’s old friends from his days training with the order a Dwarf by the name of Anzin Greyhelm. There group was defending a farmstead from an attack by multiple Hill Giants, they put up a brave fight but many of their lives – including both Baga and Anzin were lost during the defence. Upon hearing the news of his eldest sons death Koz vowed that he would seek out the three giants that had got away and destroy them and any other giant that stood in his way.

Koz was still bound by his oath to the order and being a man of his word he would continue with his duties, taking time out to hunt for information on those giants and their current whereabouts. He had recently heard about a strange group of people wandering around the backwater settlement of Phandalin – two half-elves, a dragonborn and a human. He was sent to investigate the reports of their activities.

Koz of Uluvin

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